Fund raising

We are raising a seed fund, that is partially secured.

We have been financially granted by the Israeli Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Environment for developing our atmospheric water generator.

The committee also stated that the technology faces a major challenge of the climate crisis – the phenomenon of desertification which causes a significant decrease in the availability of natural resources, mainly – water sources. We received a special grant of 75% due to the fact that the committee found the pilot of high importance. 

H2OLL developed a unique novel AWG – Atmospheric Water Generator, that provides water in the most challenging dry regions.

We are raising a seed fund, that is partially secured by a grant.

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Ilan Katz:

Summer 2022 gave the world an example of climate change meaning by water scarcity that was translated to dry taps in European and American towns, showing us that water scarcity is not only in the developing world. It is also not only the problem of farmers along the Po River in Italy, hydroelectric power stations in the Yangtze River in China, or river transportation in the Rhine. This summer water infrastructures in Europe, USA, and other places failed to supply drinking water to hundreds of towns, and people had no other choice but to track water or to consume bottled water.

In 2022, climate changes were revealed as a hot spring with early snow melting, combined with dry summer with less rainfall. This resulted in lower surface- and ground- water levels, that bring scarcity also to well-developed communities.

H2OLL innovative technology ensures a reliable water service all year long in wide geographic areas, enabling clear benefits both for the company and for the customers.

H2OLL can provide drinking water where the supply is not reliable, the water is contaminated (or suspected to be), people drink track/bottled water, and for both developed and developing communities.

2022 Global drought