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H2OLL launched a crowdfunding campaign. The initial phase is directed at angel investors and will later extend to the general public.

the seed fund, is for our next 2 years business development plan. The program includes commercial pilots in key markets, sale of our systems to early adopters, synergetic link to PV energy and setting the infrastructure for mass production, sales and marketing.

H2OLL developed a unique novel AWG – Atmospheric Water Generator, that provides water at double efficiency compared to alternative AWG technologies, in the most challenging dry regions.

Starting from an academic idea, we successfully constructed a distinctive system at the Technion, utilizing adsorption technology that sets it apart from all existing cooling machines in the market. We have demonstrated the technology’s capability to produce water consistently throughout all seasons, serving as a reliable water source for arid regions. Moreover, our solution offers water that is both cheaper and superior to bottled water.

Supported by the Innovation Authority, we are currently in the process of building our beta product, set to be ready by summer. This product will be deployed in the Negev to extract water from the air.

Come join our vision of water to all.

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