Markets & Work Plan

In the harsher, in-land dry locations, 380 million people are in need for 1,900 million liter/day, making it a US$ 190 billion potential market for H2OLL‘s solution. We offer best water quality, up to 70% cheaper than the alternatives.

AWG competitors (air-conditioning based direct cooling) cannot operate under the low humidity conditions, where only H2OLL technology can offer sustainable fresh water supply.

Plug & play – quick, simple, decentralized deployment, easy to maintain.

H2OLL propose two alternative models: purchase of a system or water as a service. In both options, the water price will be lower than the price of the current alternative is the target markets – bottled water or water supply by tankers.

Off-the-shelf direct cooling AWGs have narrow geographical service area, mainly the tropical belt. In contrast, H2OLL can become a reliable drinking water source in wide regions across the globe year around. As the H2OLL technology overcomes the energy and technical limitations of current direct-cooling AWGs, it is expected to take over the growing market.