The Team 

H2OLL technology is a product of more than five years of research in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The inventors are part of the development team and support H2OLL R&D and commercialization.

H2OLL is led by Mr. Joab Kirsch, Mr. Ilan Katz and Mr. Oded Distel, that combined forces towards commercialization and turning the project into a startup company.

The team covers all the technical and business aspects, for materialization of its great potential through commercialization.

Joab Kirsch

Joab Kirsch, (MBA, BA Economy & Business administration) is the CEO.

Joab is an experienced senior manager & Enterprenuer in fintech, real estate, energy and banking. Led growth processes in startups. Founder at Spotlight. Business and management consultant. Chairman at Ofek.

Ilan Katz

Ilan Katz  (MBA, MSc in environmental engineering) is the CEO and CTO. Ilan is a senior environmental engineer with vast experience in water treatment and desalination systems, as well as long experience in water and environmental technology business management. Ilan has been part of the research group for two years and owns the commercialization rights for the technology from the Technion

Oded Distel

Oded Distel is the VP business development. Oded is an expert in Israel’s water and energy sectors. Former founded and director of Israel NewTech, a pioneering national program led by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. In the first 5 years, the program helped take Israel water technology from $600 Million to $2 Billion

Alon Ron

Alon Ron (BSc) – Mechanical engineer.


Dr. Khaled Gommed

Dr. Khaled Gommed (PhD in Mech. Eng.) who is an expert in absorption systems and have extensive experience with design, construction and operation absorption systems

Prof. David Broday

Prof. David Broday, one of the inventors, is an expert in air pollution and aerosol physics and has an extensive experience in exposure assessment to different stressors. In 2011, he established the Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health (TCEEH) and since then he directs it. Prof. Broday’s research interests include air pollution, aerosol physics, exposure assessment to airborne pollutants, technologies to improve the air quality and the innovative H2OLL technology for extracting water from the air (atmospheric moisture harvesting).

Prof. Eran Friedler

Prof. Eran Friedler, one of the inventors,  is an expert in alternative water sources and wastewater reuse

Ben Gido

Ben Gido (Msc), one of the  investors. A former IsraAID’s WASH coordinator. Expert in water technologies, WASH (water, sanitation and Hygiene ) and our consultant for humanitarian aid.